How to get rich quickly (3 good tips)

How to get rich quickly (3 good tips) Every 2 people dreams of living large and beautiful.  Naturally, we all want to, but still not quite get the "feel" for it.  Especially since the path to big money consists of only one thing : nothing complicated. In this article, we will talk about what will help you get rid of financial problems and improve your financial situation: 1) Study literature on your own, and decide how to acquire financial wealth knowledge. Do you want to get rid of your job, live a normal, happy life? Then read the literature on your own options. Is it too complicated? Start with the main ones. 2) theories of wealth and personal Finance". The habit of big money and its derivatives is known to almost everyone. Anyone can become a millionaire (even with a fairly modest salary). On the verge of retirement, the self-made millionaire can become a millionaire (even if his business is very small). The rich investor gets rich the hardworking and careful. The poor person learns from his mistakes and makes a mistake, but doesn't take it lightly (signs of poor thinking: I will never succeed); billionaire; etc. many, many things. 3) Earn money while making money is the art of making money. To do this, you should learn to spend your money wisely and potently.  This will allow you to form an impressive amount of capital, the income from which will fully support your entire family. 4) Investments are a lucrative business! Yes, but they require you to invest a very large amount of time.  An impressive amount of money will make you much richer than a novice investor.  5) " Smart head leads to wealth! " Fine!". Financial literacy is the art of perseverance in difficult situations.  To do this, train yourself and your thoughts to "be free" to invest any amount that you want (and without penalties).  6) Money is a continuous stream. The more of it you invest, the faster your capital will grow.  Therefore, set aside 10-20% of every income you receive.  7) One off the other hand, you didn't do a whole lot of it! There will be people who don't invest, but there will be those who do invest. Right? SUMMARY: 1) Make a good habit of saving 10-20% of every income you earn. 2) Use this money to Fund your "financial cushion" and investments. 3) Make a rule of Thumb — Deposit 10% of your earned income in a "financial cushion". This money will act as a cushion for your family's upcoming expenses, work, and downtime. ADDITIONALLY: 1) Read my article "Where should I not invest my money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article "what skills do you need to become rich" . The author of the article is Alexander Evstegneev I WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR LIKES AND REPOSTS OF THIS ARTICLE