How to get rich on one million (3 reasons to buy richer than ever)

How to get rich on one million (3 reasons to buy richer than ever) Why do rich people prefer to ))) invest their money in their own business and personal capital? I will tell you about 3 reasons why these "malleys", as they are called, will eventually outlive you. The first reason will be simple: salaries. Rich people have considered their work "for their own business", and therefore do not think about earning money themselves. The second reason is that real earnings are not as important as you think. If you are not satisfied with the size of your salary, then this is a problem. If your goal is to accumulate a significant amount, then it is not profitable for you to invest. The third reason is that people tend to spend their entire salary unnoticeably. Because they don't want to earn the same amount on business as in adulthood. Why? Because of this this — people who are focused on earning more are likely to spend their entire life trying to achieve something, rather than just get rich. The reason for this is that the future belongs to a completely different time. The future belongs to those who live in a different world, and those who live in a different country. Remember that there is no future without war and prosperity and financial well-being. The main difference between rich and poor people is that rich people try not to spend all your earnings, while poor people strive to save as much as possible. Don't repeat the same phrases from the same conversation: "I saved money on my own!". The most important things in life are the so — called financial instruments. They should be kept at all times and under extremely high pressure (control and credit). Always keep a reserve of money (which guarantees your family's financial stability). "kill all three". Save money, and then you will have a "financial cushion". Even if the amount of your salary will never reach the "bottom" and never come back up, you should still try to save a small part of it. To do this, start saving 10-20% of your earnings. To do this, start coming up with new ways to earn more, or optimizing some of the activity's previously related to expenses. By the way, saving 10-20% of your income is already a good habit for most of us. This money, when placed in the "money" section of the wallet, turns into a source of "financial stability" and income well-being. The main thing is to start! To make money well spent, you need to invest them. Even if you are an investor, this is not an investment for me. This is a chain with interest payments, dividends, and cash dividends. In short, it is a question of when you have accumulated the necessary amount and what you are ready to do in the future to make good investments. I do not encourage anyone to read too much into this, but just give an example. And the ones who do most often use this money, then. And let them think about how to make your own wealth. Discuss it? Tell me, do you save money? How do you feel about such a system of taxes? Was it helpful? Click like! Subscribe to my channel  Economist and read useful articles about money and savings. Click HERE to subscribe! Read also: 🔹 Financial habits of successful women 🔹 What mistakes do we make when managing the money you've earned 🔹 How much do you need to earn to be counted rich